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'Reputation' leads for a third week
Thursday, December 7, 2017
by Fred Chuchel, Dresden


The compact disc loses importance as a typical Christmas present, especially in the United States. Despite the Black Friday, on November 24, which has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season there, the album sales are not significantly higher this year in the United States. It's a trend that will surely affect other countries over the next few years. On the current tally Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' reigns a third consecutive week, with another 229,000 equivalent sales, a total of 2,214,000 since its release. It's the first time since two years that an album stays three consecutive weeks at number one. Also on the runner-up slot remains Namie Amuro's 'Finally' a third week, it sold another 159,000 copies last week, according to Oricon, a total of 1,594,000 so far. It climbs to no.11 on the year-to-date list, Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' reaches no.6. Leader on the year-to-date list is still Ed Sheeran's 'Divide' with 8,411,000 sales,

on the weekly tally it climbs to no.3 with 154,000 sales. Highest debut of the week is Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' third album 'Who Built The Moon?', it jumps at no.5 with 134,000 equivalent sales. For a seventh year in a row, Michael Bublé's 'Christmas' enters the Global Top 10. It turns back at no.9 with 71,000 sales, a total of 11,232,000 since its release in October 2011. And now, as every week, additional stats from outside the current Top 10 in alphabetic order, the first figure means last week's sales, the second figure the total sales: '1989' by Taylor Swift 13,000 / 10,282,000, '21' by Adele 9,000 / 28,912,000, '24k Magic' by Bruno Mars 25,000 / 3,685,000, '25' by Adele 15,000 / 21,101,000, 'American Teen' by Khalid 33,000 / 1,302,000, 'Anti' by Rihanna 9,000 / 2,319,000, 'Beauty Behind The Madness' by The Weeknd 8,000 / 2,954,000, 'Blurryface' by Twenty One Pilots 9,000 / 3,425,000, 'Concrete And Gold' by the Foo Fighters 19,000 / 631,000, 'Culture' by Migos 14,000 / 1,499,000, 'Damn' by Kendrick Lamar 38,000 / 3,454,000, 'Dangerous Woman' by Ariana Grande 7,000 / 1,868,000, 'Evolve' by Imagine Dragons 57,000 / 1,672,000, 'Flicker' by Niall Horan 35,000 / 454,000, 'Future' by Future 7,000 / 1,173,000, 'Grateful' by DJ Khaled 10,000 / 991,000, the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy': Awesome Mix Vol.2' soundtrack 15,000 / 1,088,000, 'Hardwired...To Self-Destruct' by Metallica 6,000 / 2,710,000, 'Harry Styles' by Harry Styles 18,000 / 1,326,000, 'Helene Fischer' by Helene Fischer 18,000 / 929,000, 'Hndrxx' by Future 5,000 / 722,000, 'Human' by Rag'n'Bone Man 24,000 / 1,850,000, 'Illuminate' by Shawn Mendes 15,000 / 1,933,000, 'In The Lonely Hour' by Sam Smith 18,000 / 7,213,000, 'Joanne' by Lady GaGa 6,000 / 1,539,000, 'Lemonade' by Beyoncé 3,000 / 3,147,000, 'Lust For Life' by Lana Del Rey 7,000 / 672,000, 'Meaning Of Love' by Kelly Clarkson 24,000 / 204,000, 'Melodrama' by Lorde 9,000 / 665,000, 'Memories...Do Not Open' by the Chainsmokers 10,000 / 1,439,000, the 'Moana' soundtrack 25,000 / 2,302,000, 'More Life' by Drake 22,000 / 2,310,000, 'Now' by Shania Twain 10,000 / 390,000, 'One More Light' by Linkin Park 10,000 / 1,013,000, 'Purpose' by Justin Bieber 11,000 / 6,189,000, 'Rainbow' by Ke$ha 11,000 / 463,000, 'Red Pill Blues' by Maroon 5 52,000 / 373,000, 'Starboy' by The Weeknd 20,000 / 3,146,000, 'Tell Me You Love Me' by Demi Lovato 32,000 / 460,000, 'Traveller' by Chris Stapleton 12,000 / 2,628,000, the 'Trolls' soundtrack 13,000 / 1,764,000, 'Views' by Drake 15,000 / 3,865,000, 'Witness' by Katy Perry 7,000 / 871,000, 'Wonderful Wonderful' by The Killers 13,000 / 402,000, 'X' by Ed Sheeran 25,000 / 10,152,000, 'Younger Now' by Miley Cyrus 9,000 / 231,000.  COMPLETE GLOBAL ALBUM CHART  It's an impressive chart performance for the Japanese pop phenomenom AKB 48: '11 Gatsu No Anklet', their new smash, is the girl group's 50th single release, the 36th Global Top 10 hit, and the 27th number one! No other act in our chart history had more number one hits, and there only three acts with more Top 10 smashes: the Beatles with 38, Elvis Presley with 43 and Madonna with 47 hits. '11 Gatsu No Anklet' starts with 518,000 points and ends Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug's three week reign with 'Havana'. The song slides to no.2, after an 8% points decline to 349,000 points. And next week there's a big chance for Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect' to climb atop the tally, driven by a new version of that song, a duet with Beyoncé. This week 'Perfect' remains at no.3 with 301,000 points, a 6% increase. Every year in December Mariah Carey's Xmas classic 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' from 1994 turns back on the international hitlists. Currently the catchy tune jumps back at no.24 with 83,000 points. After 53 weeks on the tally, spread over 13 years, it got a total of 7,790,000 points and climbs to no.196 on the ALL TIME CHART. The highest positions reached 'All I Want Is Christmas For You' in its year of release, when it went to number one, no.6 during the holiday season 2007, and no.7 in 2015, respectively also in 2016. Outside the Top 40 waiting among other 'Meant To Be' by Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line at no.46, 'Reggaetón Lento' by CNCO feat. Little Mix at no.56, and 'Man's Not Hot' by Big Shaq at no.57 for their first appearance on the big list.  COMPLETE GLOBAL TRACK CHART

"Candle In The Wind 1997" by Elton John

wrote charty history 20 YEARS AGO ... it's the most successful single of all time. Preceded was, on September 6, 1997, the sumptuous funeral of the royal icon Diana Frances Spencer, the Princess of Wales. She been killed by a car accident just a few days before, at the age of only 36 years. As the highlight of the funeral celebration, which attracted at TV more than a billion people worldwide, Elton John sang his 'Candle In The Wind' as a kind of necrology, and thus probably hundreds of millions people were moved to tears... a global mass hysteria, which had not been existed before. The story of the song goes back to the year 1973: Bernie Taupin, lyricist of almost all Elton John songs, has just caught the phrase 'Candle In The Wind' in connection with the short life of the rock singer Janis Joplin, as he uses it as a title for a song about the equally wild and tragic life of the actress Marilyn Monroe. Elton John inserts this text into a fast-paced ballad that lands on his record 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road', and which is a no.1 hit in United Kingdom in 1973. A live version of that song climbs up the US-charts in 1987. On April 7, 1990, Elton John dedicates the title for the 18-year-old Ryan White at his appearance at the Farm Aid 4 Festival. White was infected with AIDS, innocent by a blood tranfusion... and he dies the next day. In the summer of 1997, fashion designer and good friend of Elton John, Gianni Versace, is shot. To the funeral, John goes with another good friend, Lady Diana. Just six weeks later, the English musician reaches the news that Diana has also died in a car accident. He is so shocked that at first he does not want to go to the funeral. Friends persuade him to do so, and so he even decides to play a song at the mourning ceremony. Bernie Taupin and he are aware that the brevity of time does not allow a new composition, so one decides to dedicate the hit 'Candle In The Wind' with an adapted text to the deceased. Beatles producer George Martin is won for the studio session. Elton John plays this version only once, on the day of the funeral. The pre-orders for the single explode, record label Rocket is completely overburdened due the gigantic demand and commissioned hecticly all available record-manufactures with the production. Temporary, every six seconds a copy is sold worldwide. In nearly every country 'Candle In The Wind 1997' effortlessly breaks the historic sales record brands. For example in United Kingdom with 4,93 million singles sales or in Germany with 4,75 million sold. In the United States, where the song was released nine days late, it started with whopping 3,5 million sales in its initial week and was certified with a diamond certification (10 mio shipments) some times later. On the Global Chart 'Candle In The Wind 1997' made a deep impact in the week 39 with 1,4 million points, based on the sales of only one day! The following two weeks the song peaked with 3,3 million, respectively 5,1 million points... a historic record! By the way, in the Guinness Book of Records 'Candle In The Wind 1997' is still listed behind 'White Christmas' by Bing Crosby. The latter is supposed to be the most successful song of all time with more than 50 million singles sold. What a colossal nonsense! Who deals somewhat more closely with sales data, like us as Media Traffic, knows that there is a huge discrepancy between guess and reality. Since its release in autumn of 1942, 'White Christmas' has certainly sold not more than 10 million times worldwide. The entry in the Guinness book is probably based on erroneous sources, but is repeated every year since the first edition of the publication in 1955, and thus also spreads diligently (for example at Wikipedia)... the same error principle, which was responsible for a long-lasting persistent myth, that spinach contains significantly more iron than other green vegetables.

Billboard Report
Paul Malone still leads Billboard Hot 100
Thuesday, December 5, 2017
by Keith Caulfield & Gary Trust, Los Angeles

Taylor Swift’s Reputation album notches a third week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, making it the first set to rack up three weeks atop the list since Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. in

May. Reputation earned 147,000 equivalent album units (down 43 percent) in the week ending Nov. 30, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 131,000 were in traditional album sales (down 43 percent). Only four albums have spent three or more weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in 2017: Reputation, DAMN., Drake’s More Life and The Weeknd’s Starboy. DAMN. and More Life both spent three weeks atop the list, while Starboy claimed four frames at No. 1 in 2017, following one week at No. 1 in 2016, when it debuted at No. 1 (Dec. 27, 2016-dated list). Remarkably, the last album by a woman to earn at least three weeks at No. 1 was Adele’s 25, which clocked 10 nonconsecutive weeks in the penthouse between its chart-topping debut on Dec. 12, 2015 and its final week at No. 1 on March 12, 2016. After two weeks where the Reputation album was not available in full through streaming services (only its four pre-release tracks could be played), the

entire set was made available to all streamers on Dec. 1. The album should see a spike in streaming activity on next week’s chart(covering the streaming, and sales, tracking week ending Dec. 7). Meanwhile, back on this week’s new chart, Pentatonix’s former No. 1, A Pentatonix Christmas, surges from No. 5 to No. 2 with 70,000 units (up 47 percent), of which 56,000 were in album sales (up 41 percent). The set (which topped the Jan. 7 and Jan. 14, 2017-dated Billboard 200 following its 2016 release) rises following the Nov. 27 premiere of the group’s NBC special A Very Pentatonix Christmas and sale pricing and promotion in the iTunes Store (where the album was marked down to $6.99). Sam Smith’s former leader, The Thrill of It All, holds steady at No. 3 with 62,000 units (up 6 percent), with 36,000 of that sum in pure album sales (up 10 percent). Garth Brooks’ box set, The Anthology: Part I, The First Five Years, is a non-mover at No. 4 in its second chart week, with 57,000 equivalent album units (up 7 percent, all in traditional album sales). The box set, which is only available on CD, rises following sale pricing timed to the Black Friday shopping holiday on Nov. 24. Ed Sheeran’s ÷ (Divide) jumps 9-5 with 42,000 units (up 3 percent), Post Malone’s Stoney skips 10-6 with a little over 37,000 units (down 5 percent), P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma slips one rung to No. 7 with 37,000 units (down 16 percent) and Lil Uzi Vert's Luv Is Rage 2 is stationary at No. 8 with 35,000 units (down 15 percent). Michael Bublé’s former No. 1, Christmas, returns to the Billboard 200's top 10, as vaults from No. 23 to No. 9 with 34,000 units (up 61 percent), with 17,000 in traditional album sales (up 52 percent). The holiday favorite topped the Billboard 200 for five consecutive weeks in December of 2011 (its release year) and January of 2012. It has since revisited the top 10 every year during the holiday season, from Christmastime in 2012 through this year. Closing out the top 10 is the region’s only debuting title: rappers Fabolous and Jadakiss’ collaborative album Friday on Elm Street. The set starts at No. 10 with 33,000 units (18,000 in traditional album sales). The effort grants Fabolous his sixth top 10 set (and first since the No. 1 Loso’s Way in 2009) and Jadakiss his fifth. The latter last visited the top 10 with the No. 4-peaking Top 5 Dead or Alive in 2015. Post Malone's "Rockstar," featuring 21 Savage, dominates the Billboard Hot 100 chart for an eighth week. "Rockstar," released on Republic Records, tallies a 10th (nonconsecutive) week at No. 1 on the Streaming Songs chart, with 50.5 million U.S. streams (down 9 percent), in the week ending Nov. 30, according to Nielsen Music. The song is the 11th to tally double-digit weeks at No. 1, dating to the list's January 2013 launch; Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's "Despacito," featuring Justin Bieber, spent a record 16 weeks atop Streaming Songs beginning May 27. "Rockstar" rises 4-3 on Digital Song Sales, which it led for a week, although down 18 percent to with 47,000 downloads sold in the week ending Nov. 30. On Radio Songs, the song dips 4-5 but with a 5 percent gain to 91 million in all-format audience in the week ending Dec. 3. Camila Cabello's "Havana," featuring Young Thug, spends a fifth week at its No. 2 high on the Hot 100. It rises 3-2 on Radio Songs (115 million, up 9 percent); retreats to No. 2 after two weeks atop Digital Song Sales (54,000, down 36 percent); and holds at No. 3 on Streaming Songs (34.4 million, down 14 percent). Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" pushes to a new No. 3 Hot 100 high, from No. 5, and becomes his third No. 1 on Digital Song Sales (69,000, down 1 percent). He previously led for a week in 2015 with "Thinking Out Loud" and for 10 weeks earlier this year with "Shape of You." "Perfect" hits No. 1 on Digital Song Sales with an assist from the first few hours of tracking for its new duet version with Beyonce, released before the end of the sales (and streaming) tracking week at 7 p.m. ET on Nov. 30. For the full week, the Beyonce version accounts for 18 percent of the song's sales; the duet should likely account for a greatly higher percentage of the song's total weekly sales following its first full frame of tracking and gain on next week's charts, when Beyonce will be added as a credited artist on it. "Perfect" pushes 6-4 on Radio Songs (91 million, up 14 percent, good for the Hot 100's top Airplay Gainer award), where it becomes Sheeran's fifth top five hit, and 15-11 on Streaming Songs (18.6 million, down 1 percent).  COMPLETE CHARTS

"1-800-273-8255" by Logic feat. Alessia Cara & Khalid

is one of the most ambitious songs of the year. The song is taken from 'Everybody', the third album from 27 year-old American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, better known by his stage name Logic. The song's name is the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the United States. The impressive music video was directed by Andy Hines and centers around a young man who struggles with feelings accepted due to his sexuality. '1-800-273-8255' ranks at no.18 this week with 113,000 points.

United Kingdom
Music Week Report
Noel Gallagher is flying high with his third solo album
Monday, December 4, 2017
by Alan Jones, London

Seven weeks after ‘our kid’ Liam Gallagher scored his first No.1 solo album with As You Were, Noel Gallagher is flying high with his third, Who Built The Moon? The fraternal feuders shared eight No.1 albums together as members of Oasis between 1994 and 2010 but Noel has had the upper hand since, with his first two albums since

the split, issued under the name Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, both topping the chart, while Liam's first two albums thereafter, fronting the rest of the band in Beady Eye failed to do so. The tide may be turning, however, as Who Built The Moon?’s introductory sales of 77,853 (including 4,835 from sales-equivalent streams and 12,809 copies on vinyl) are 24.16% below the 102,660 copies that Liam's As You Were sold on debut at No.1 in October. Who Built The Moon? also has a smaller first week sale than Noel's previous solo albums – Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds sold 122,530 copies when storming to No.1 in 2011, while Chasing Yesterday sold 89,110 copies on arrival in 2015. The first album has to-date sales of 835,043, while Chasing Yesterday has sold 311,714 copies. The less stellar start made by Who Built The Moon? may be due to the fact it is more poppy and experimental than previous High Flying Birds albums, with production by David

Holmes, and the participation of several guests. Who Built The Moon? is the 15th different No.1 album in as many weeks, and its release helped prevent Little Mix's fourth studio album Glory Days from returning to No.1 a year and a week after debuting in that position, following the release of a new Platinum Edition of the set. Surging 46-3 on sales of 38,576 copies, Glory Days’ expansion sees it adding CNCO collaboration Reggaeton Lento, a trio of new songs and a documentary DVD. It edges past Get Weird to become the Little Mix's biggest-selling album. Its cumulative sales stand at 747,211, with Get Weird – their third album, released in November 2015 – on 745,658 sales. Joining Ed Sheeran as the act with most albums in the chart are The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Christmas With Elvis & The RPO – their third album adding newly constructed recordings to archive vocals from Elvis Presley – rockets 121-6 (29,606 sales) to surpass the No.22 position in which it debuted and previously peaked seven weeks ago following the release of a deluxe edition which increases the track count from 13 to 17. The similarly-styled A Love So Beautiful, on which they embroider and enhance tracks by Roy Orbison moves 7-9 (22,257 sales) on its fourth week in the Top 10, while A Brand New Me – on which they augment classic Atlantic label recordings waxed between 1968 and 1973 by Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin – debuts at No.61 (3,116 sales). Brand New Me is 75-year-old Franklin's 13th Top 75 album, while Christmas With Elvis & The RPO becomes Presley's 51st Top 10 album (53rd if reissues are included) – more than any other act. A year to the week after Dutch violinist, conductor and orchestra leader Andre Rieu's eighth Top 10 album, Falling In Love, he returns with his ninth, Amore (No.7, 27,964 sales), a new collection of music which also features The Johann Strauss Orchestra and is packaged with a DVD featuring a 2009 concert in Sydney. Dubbed the “world’s first classical superstar” and “the king of the waltz”, 68 year old Rieu has now had 17 Top 50 albums – all since the age of 60 – and 30 Top 200 albums. Falling 1-8, Paloma Faith's fourth album, The Architect, is the only Top 10 title to suffer a decline in sales, which are off 40.28% week-on-week at 23,617. The rest of the Top 10: The Thrill Of It All (2-2, 43,186 sales) by Sam Smith, ÷ (6-4, 35,558 sales) by Ed Sheeran, Together Again (3-5, 33,123 sales) by Michael Ball & Alfie Boe and Beautiful Trauma (11-10, 19,497 sales) by Pink. Overall album sales are up 15.75% week-on-week at 2,760,540, 5.96% below same week 2016 sales of 2,935,503, and their highest level of the year. Streaming accounted for a record 863,237 sales – 31.27% of the total. Sales of paid-for albums are up 23.88% week-on-week at 1,897,303, 19.12% below same week 2016 sales of 2,345,854. 12-inch vinyl sales surge 30.48% week-on-week to 145,417, by far their highest level of the 21st century. After initially looking likely to lose pole position, Camila Cabello's Havana recovered to eke out a fifth week at No.1 on sales of 41,438 (including 29,209 from sales-equivalent streams), leaving Rita Ora – who seemed likely to claim the fifth No.1 of her career – in second place for the third straight week with Anywhere (40,414 sales). The US X Factor graduate and former UK X Factor judge are joined in the top three by Ed Sheeran, whose Perfect finally surpasses the No.4 slot in which it debuted as an album track in March thanks to his appearance performing it on the semi-final of this year's X Factor. Advancing 4-3 (32,507 sales) the track is Sheeran's ninth top three hit. A duet version of Perfect, feat. Beyonce, was released on Friday (December 1) and is likely to be a game changer a week hence. Clean Bandit score their eighth Top 10 hit and Julia Michaels her highest-charting single as their collaboration I Miss You climbs for the fourth time since debut, advancing 11-6 (26,488 sales). Slowly but surely, 17 has become the highest charting single of the 23-year chart career of Mark Kinchen – aka MK. His eighth chart single, it is on the rise for the seventh week in a row, jumping 16-10 (21,868 sales) to surpass the No.12 peak ascended by the 2014 mix of his 1995 debut hit Always (feat. Alana). The rest of the Top 10: Silence (3-4, 31,368 sales) by Marshmello feat. Khalid, Man's Not Hot (6-5, 28,478 sales) by Big Shaq, Too Good At Goodbyes (5-7, 24,010 sales) by Sam Smith, Blinded By Your Grace Part 2 (7-8, 23,068 sales) by Stormzy feat. MNEK and Wolves (9-9, 22,497 sales) by Selena Gomez & Marshmello. Overall singles sales are up 0.70% week-on-week at a record 14,635,873, 37.38% above same week 2016 sales of 10,653,552. Streams accounted for 13,591,915 sales, 92.87% of the total – both records. Paid-for sales are down 1.54% week -on-week at 1,043,958 and are 26.40% below same week 2016 sales of 1,418,371. They are below same-week, previous-year sales for the 226th week in a row.  COMPLETE CHARTS

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